Shapley's Original M-T-G   Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack

This truly is amazing stuff, and with so many uses, it's the only skin care product you will ever need again!


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Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack

Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack




Day 1 &  Day 6  (daily application of M-T-G)

Photos Courtesy of Henrik, September 2007


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Original M-T-G has been providing horses with healthy skin and hair since 1938! Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy to use product is the only one needed to keep your horse's skin happy and healthy throughout the year! It is easy to apply and does not require washing out.

Original M-T-G provides results after just one application! Formulated to condition the skin and hair around scabby or damaged areas, promoting both healthy skin and maximum hair growth.

In fact, Original M-T-G has proven to work exceptionally well promoting hair growth. Users report up to 4 inches of new growth on manes and tails in a single month. Original M-T-G creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle, resulting in maximum growth while keeping the length of the hair shaft soft and pliable for minimum breakage. Original M-T-G is a time-tested, user-supported solution to both healthy skin and hair growth in a single bottle. An oil-based product that does not require washing or water for application, it is not only easy to use, but great for cold weather. Original M-T-G is also safe and effective on dogs and other animals’ skin, such as hot spots, itching and dry skin. Original M-T-G is available in 32 oz bottles.

  The only product you will need for muddy, scabby, itchy skin, all year round!

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Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack

With many humans using Original M-T-G for their own hair growth, Shapley's have now introduced Sulu Max Gro -a hair and scalp oil, based on Original M-T-G, (with a human friendly scent!) Max Gro is a unique blend of healthful and moisturizing agents that nourish the scalp and hair creating the optimal environment for strong, healthy hair and maximum growth. 
Only £14.50 for an 8 oz bottle.

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Or Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack