Shiny Show Horse are the sole suppliers in the UK for
the Shapley's range of grooming and show preparation products, 
including the famous:
Shapley's Original M-T-G!

Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack


Shapley's Original M-T-G (Mane-Tail-Groom) It all started way back in 1938, when a barber named Henry E. Shapley developed a product for dandruff and also to keep his itchy skin in a healthy condition, which produced excellent results. An avid horse lover, he soon discovered the same great results on his horses as he did with his customers. This became Shapley’s first product, known then and now as Original M-T-G (Mane-Tail-Groom).



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From these humble beginnings, Shapley’s has grown into an organisation providing an extensive line of quality equine grooming products, including the revolutionary Show Touch Up. Passed down through the generations.  Only from Shiny Show Horse!

The philosophy at Shapley’s as well as Shiny Show Horse, is the Customer comes first...both human and equine! In maintaining the tradition of innovation driven by customer need, we encourage all comments and suggestions.

Horse equestrian skincare accessories tack

Shapley's Grooming range includes....

  • Shampoo's, including colour enhancing range
  • Easy out - Watch the dreaded stable stains disappear before your eyes!
  • Hi Gloss - shiny finishing spray
  • Show Touch up - in 8 colours, perfect for blemishes
  • Mane Mousse - grip without stickiness when plaiting
  • Natural Elegance Conditioner - sleek and smooth!
  • No.1 Light Oil - conditioning - ideal for mane pulling
  • No 2 Heavy Oil - perfect post-clipping
  • Tail pick - minimum hair breakage
  • Tail Bag - ideal for tail growth & protection, or simply to keep clean!

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Shapley's Original M-T-G

Original M-T-G has been helping keep horses (as well as people, dogs and other animals!) skin healthy since 1938! Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy to use product is the only one needed for keeping your horse happy throughout the year, especially in those long winter months.....

It has been shown to keep skin looking and feeling good, as well as helping with Dry Skin, scurf, itchiness and Mane & Tail rubbing Rubbing.

Original M-T-G provides results after just one application! Formulated to condition the skin and hair, promoting both healthy skin and maximum hair growth. In fact, Original M-T-G has proven to work exceptionally well promoting hair growth. Users report up to 4 inches of new growth on manes and tails in a single month. Original M-T-G creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle, resulting in maximum growth while keeping the length of the hair shaft soft and pliable for minimum breakage. Original M-T-G is a time-tested, user-supported solution to both skin conditioning and hair growth in a single bottle. An oil-based product that does not require washing or water for application, it is not only easy to use, but great for cold weather. Original M-T-G is also safe and effective on dogs and other animals skin, such as hot spots, itching and dry skin. Original M-T-G is available in 32 oz bottles

Shapley's Original M-T-G has also been widely used in humans for its hair growth properties. Shapley's have now introduced Sulu Max Gro -a hair and scalp oil, based on Original M-T-G, (with a human friendly scent!) Sulu Max Gro is also available from Shiny Show Horse. Please email via the contact us link above to register your interest. For further information please visit