Equi Shave
Code:   (EqShv)

The Equi-Shave disposable razor is designed to tidy whiskers and soft hair, perfecting the appearance and definition around the muzzle. It is easy and quick to use giving a close finish.

The high quality Scandinavian blade makes the razor flexible, allowing for safe trimming around the contours of the nose and chin. Ideal for last minute tidying.

PLEASE NOTE: If this product is purchased alone you will receive a FULL postage refund (1-5 Equi-Shaves)
If purchased  with other, heavier items, you will be refunded the 2nd / 3rd item amount (ie £1)




Bulk Savings! 1 Equi-Shave - 1.85, 2-5 Equi-Shaves - 1.70 each, + 5 Equi-Shaves -1.40 each

Please contact us for more details.